The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Where is it Going to End....

England's Glory, made in Sweden, I ask you what is going on in our country?
They are not even like the old England's Glory in colour too.

I have had the day from hell today.....

After a fitful sleep I eventually got up and then it started, Mrs BM wanted the insurance certificate for the Rover, could I find it could I hell as.
I phoned the insurance company, they told me to log on to their web site and down load it, well I couldn't remember the password, I re-passworded, (is that a word), I then managed to download it, so Mrs BM was happy.

Then to the problem of the day, I have to send off all the league shooting cards and I only have two addresses and I need four, I searched the house to see if BMJnr has the, because I am doing it for him, but no, so I phoned the organiser, but no answer, I emailed him, to no avail, I text BMJnr as he is in LA today, but all he said was they were down the club, but I couldn't find them last night.
So I had a trip down the club to search harder, after half an hour I found them face down where they shouldn't have been.

I posted all the cards to the scorers on time, but I was nearly in melt down,

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