Duck's Off!

We never quite know what to do for Thanksgiving. You're meant to get together with family, eat turkey and watch football. We don't have any extended family here unfortunately, don't eat turkey and can't stand football. We never used to do anything for Thanksgiving until people started insisting we go to their Thanksgivings, with their families, to eat turkey and watch football.... so we created our own Thanksgiving where we avoid each other for most of the day, get togethera nd eat duck late afternoon and then watch a bad movie on TV. Today that all kind of fell apart. The fridge had an iffy smell about it this morning and I thought it was a hint that the chicken pie leftovers needed to go. Sadlt that was not the culprit, it was the 2 frozen ducks I'd bought. Tom called me into a kitchen that reeked of bad sulphuric eggs and rank decomposing fles and said the immortal words "Is it meant to smell like this ? It'll be OK when we cook it, won't it?" NO!!! In the words of the great Basil Fawlty "Duck's Off!". So the woman who has bitched about shops being open Thanksgiving Day saying it's not fair on staff that they should have to work on a holiday, was not only incredibly thankful to find her local Giant supermarket with it's wonderful staff open today, but she was absolutely thrilled to find an organic chicken there! Long story short, the chicken was great and was served with those traditional sides of brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, fries and decent home made gravy that were delicious, and some very suspect plastic flavoured butter in the shape of a turkey, that tasted as bad as the duck smelt. The Thanksgiving crackers were OK, and we wer reasuured to read on the box that they are now "for every festive occasion, not just christmas". Stay tuned and I will tell you about those tomorrow.

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