Pictorial blethers

By blethers

The red spot

I've passed over two rather nice pink afterglow skies to post this blip today - Mr b putting the red dot beside one of two collages of Harris that we bought today at a show in the Burgh Hall by our artist friend Freda Waldapfel. In the end we couldn't decide which of the two we liked the best, so ...

I've not been inside this little gallery since it was created for another exhibition; it's a wonderful asset in the very centre of Dunoon. It was fascinating to spend an hour here on the way home from the shops, chatting to Freda about the inspiration she had found on Harris and the business of recreating her remembered landscapes from paper torn from magazines. There were so many lovely things to see - a far cry from my recollection of trying to do something similar in Art class when I was twelve!

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