By MsQuizzical

I Proffer A Yaffle

My daughter asked me if I would accompany her and my granddaughter to Liberty & Co. in Regent's Street to take take some pics for Matilda's school Art Nouveau project. We loved photographing the fabrics, William Morris' The Strawberry Thief is our favourite. I managed to find and photograph a candlestick very similar to the one Tilda is making.

We enjoyed listening to a very polished steel band and had a lovely Lebanese lunch in Maroush.

I read of the John Lewis Christmas windows back in October. We were absolutely captivated. They feature animals and birds all created out of household products. Deer from Dyson parts, red squirrels from cups and saucers and this beautiful, instantly recognisable, green woodpecker from knives, forks, spoons and scissors. How are they going to top it next year? Selfridges didn't come close.

Whilst researching this I was interested to learn that Professor Yaffle, the wooden woodpecker from Bagpuss, was based on the philosopher Bertrand Russell. :) I like using the old-fashioned names for birds. I've been talking of peewits and dabchicks with oldies this week. :)

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