By 5nations

Hurah for the weekend.

I love this Giant Red poppy.
But there are a few things that annoy me about it.
It's fine while the plant's small, but as soon as the spring/summer comes it starts to get huge. This doesn't annoy me, but what does is that it can't hold it's own weight. So after a good watering/rainfall it collapses. But there's so much foilage you have to scoop it all up and tie a huge load of string around it or the other plants don't get a look in with growing.
Sorted - until the next watering/rainfall when the string doesn't have the desired 'hold up' effect and you have to get the canes out to prop the plant and string up with.
So by the end of the summer, you have a very bent looking plant with a mass of string wound round it and some canes bending under the strain of keeping the plant up.

Thank god it has beautiful blooms otherwise I might did it up and lob it!!!!

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