By 5nations

Pants Day

It's been one of those days where i've come up against a hurdle with everything i've needed to get done.

The final straw was at 4pm when we decided that the printer was unrepairable & as it was squeeling & refusing to take paper that we would have to go and get another one. A right bummer given that i have lots and lots of printer cartridges for it.
So we went to PC World in Wednesbury, sent Ken in with an order of 'Only get a Canon because i've got cartridges'. then we went to B&Q to get the plaster for the studio which is o' so nearly finished!. Then promised to shoot into Ikea to get the kids an icecream which then sent them awol because they were tired and had a sugar rush!!

Got home at 9pm, threw the kids into bed, sat down and unwrapped printer. Cartridges are completely different but WOW! For a cheap and chearful printer it is well sexy!! High gloss black, sleek (well, sleek for cheap) and very, very quite. You have to wear gloves to touch this beauty or you will mark it!!

I'm now happy and I got a blip out of it!

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