By Ingeborg

St Nicholas Eve

There's a Dutch song for St Nicholas Eve which starts with this line:" 't heerlijk avondje is gekomen" which means: the special evening is here, but 'heerlijk' also means 'delicious'. These are a couple of the St Nicholas Eve delicacies that the Dutch eat, note for example the chocolate letters !

We were without internet, tv and landline for most of the day, not because of the storm, which wasn't that bad over here, but because of some technical problem. Very frustrating because I depend so much on internet access. But I used the time to sort out St Nicholas stuff, to bake speculaas and to take pictures. The current photo challenges for the Flickr 26 by 26 group is this:
Challenge #20: If for some reason you were told you would not be around when your children were adults, what image would you create for them?
– set by Elinor Carucci

I have children and they certainly know me, but I decided to make a selfportrait for the grandchildren I may have and who might not get to know me. Way out of my comfort zone, but I made it as a 'the making of the St Nicholas Eve Blip' ;-)

I hope everybody in Scotland and the rest of the UK, Denmark and Holland and wherever else this storm went is ok, that was quite a storm!
Hopefully St Nicholas and his Petes will still have time enough to get on all the roofs now to deliver the presents in honour of his birthday !

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