Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Sinking Ship

The Ship at Sandside was looking like it was going to sink under the rising tide. One of the highest tides of the year coincided with a big storm that had pushed more water up the estuary. We are relatively lucky on this stretch of coast, there is not much property within flood range. The Ship Inn though does have a record of flooding on the very biggest tides every few years. When this photo was taken, the tide had just about peaked, water had advanced up the road from the Storth end and was swilling around the low parts of the pub exterior. The doors were sandbagged and keeping out the worst, the landlord was quite philosophical about it all.

The coast road was impassable in several places, and to get to Arnside involved a detour through Storth, and when I reached the village, the water level had receded leaving a strandline of autumn leaves across the promenade.

On the east coast of Britain, thousands of people have left their homes ahead of the coastal surge expected this evening, said to be the worst in over 50 years. Let's hope for the best.

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