The Jewellery Stall

One Street: Market Square, Shipley #85

I normally look forward to a bit of variety from routine at the weekend but, afraid to say, I was in the office again today. At least I did get done everything that needed to be done. It makes my journal rather dull, though, from the writing perspective at least. I took quite a few shots around Market Square at lunchtime and settled on this one for a bit of fun. I'd like to pretend that the guy here is happy because he reckons he's finally got a sale! I like the way that the mother and daughter here are oblivious to the camera while the trader is playing up to it. There were a lot of people about but I'm not sure that business was that brisk.

I had intended to run over the moor into the office this morning but the combination of a bit too much wine last night and finding Cook and Pietersen at the crease when I got up conspired against me. The cricket was compelling - until the squeeze the Aussies put on us worked and both key batsmen fell to loose shots. I can't really be critical of the English batting performance. The Australian bowlers have been brilliant, sticking tightly to preconceived plans with incredible skill and discipline, and success - albeit with a little bit of luck.

I still contend that both in the summer series and now in this one the gap between the sides in ability is negligible. These should have been two very tight test rubbers, going right down to the wire in the last match of each. The luck went all England's way in the summer and it's now going all Australia's way this winter. It's a tragedy really that it looks like we're again going to be denied a really competitive battle to the end. Just to win one toss would have been helpful.

I took my running gear into the office in the hope of being able to run back home over the moor but I ran out of time. I just about managed to squeeze in a quick dash through Hirst Wood before it got dark. That at least blew a few cobwebs away.

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