Keith B

By keibr

Santa Lucia at the Library

A Swedish tradition that I loved from the first year I was here. It happens at first light, or even earlier, on 13 December. First you hear the song, then the procession comes in, led by Saint Lucia who has a crown of light. The group then sings Christmas songs for 15 minutes or so, before proceeding out, again led by Lucia.
You can listen to the singing (from another part of Sweden) in this YouTube clip.

There was a slightly surreal air this year because I'd recently seen these singers, from the folkhighschool, performing "Tales of Hoffman" in a motorcycle gang setting. Then they were dressed in black leather, tattooed, fighting and wielding knives, and singing opera, now they looked (and sounded) so sweet!

In case you are wondering those are real candles on her head!

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