Black Creed in action

We spent the evening with friends in Ånge in (almost literally) the middle of Sweden. Ånge is well known as a centre for music of the heavier variety but this evening there was a wide variety on offer, including Janet singing with two other (ex) health and safety instructors!!
As Jan wrote in her blip; "We had a skillful and very tight skiffle group - The Skiffle Buskers - playing earlier in the evening, and Black Creed - Ånge's finest metal band played an energetic and harmonious and utterly musical set with their own compositions and some Beatles and Olly Osborne thrown in. A Working Class Hero was something to hear! They are available on CD and you tube." All that plus her threesome sometimes known as "The Whistleblowers"!
It was a great evening and a lovely way to celebrate the "real" Lucia day - live music from a small stage really is great to listen to!

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