Saint Lucia

Every 13 December it's time to celebrate Saint Lucia in Sweden. In the morning at workplaces, schools etc a group of young people arrive to sing the traditional songs and the culmination is always the song "Sankta Lucia". If you want to hear it here's a version on YouTube.
In the library in Härnösand it's always at 08:00 in the morning, just as the first glimmers of daylight are arriving. The singers come from the local folkhighschool where they are developing their skills further before going on to various opera or musical colleges. Jan was also there so it's another mutual blip.
Once we've listened to them we go up to the coffee room and drink (alcohol free) mulled wine (glögg), then we do some work (!) and at 11:00 we move back to the coffee room where we eat delicious ham sandwiches followed by rice pudding.
As yesterday's blip showed even the run up to Christmas involves a lot of food!
If you read this far you may be thinking; "But it's the 12th not the 13th December". Quite right but since the "real" day is on a Saturday we have to celebrate slightly early if we aren't to miss out on the singing, the cosy darkness and the food! Last year it was on the "correct" day.

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