The Christmas Buffet

This was part of the smorgasbord that is the Christmas buffet (Julbord) in Sweden. We are here with work which is apparently thanking us for surviving another tough year and still working on at Mid Sweden University. It is a small thing, but those of us who were there appreciate the gesture.
Down the right hand side of the table are all the various fish dishes. Salmon, herring, and mackerel in many and varied forms, pickled, warm smoked, cold smoked, fried, fried and then pickled, and marinated (gravlax).
Down the left side, and in the center, are all the meats, sausages and brawns.
Off picture to the left is the warm food - sausages, meatballs, spareribs, and Janssons Temptation. The Christmas Buffet doesn't really include any vegetables or green stuff. In fact it is all protein until you reach the puddings.
Off picture to the right are the sweeties and various deserts and cheeses.
No-one goes home hungry!

I've been very busy socialising and working so this is todays picture and shortly there will be three backblips for previous days.

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