By Lizimagiz

Sun Before the Clouds

The dogs and I hardly saw a soul during our very early walk this morning. Maybe because we were walking before 5.45am as I had a busy day ahead of me. I really ought to do a list of all that I have to get done before Christmas. But the thought of an extensive list is a bit over-whelming if not confronting.…… So much to do and now so little time…..
But there is always time to blip! Blipping is almost a relaxation for me now, or perhaps an escape.
The hills on Meadowbank Station were touched with gold by the time we had walked up near the Taylor Dam. The Ned, the mountain in the background, had already lost its touches of golden light as clouds from an impending cold front approached.
We have had clouds, some quite spectacular, strong cold south-easterly winds but no rain today. I don’t mind clouds as long as they are full of rain. But no such luck today!

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