By Mikey88

Judging by The News, we got off quite lightly last night. Just the garden seat blown over - not even any further branches broken off the buddleia. The chair hasn't blown over for about five years now - since I drove an angle iron through the paving slab it stood on and screwed a leg to the angle iron. Last night, however, it ripped the screws straight out, so the wind must have been pretty strong.

Anyway, we woke up to a calm morning with sunshine. I got quite a lot done - defrosted the fridge and cleared the iceberg off the back, went to the tip and got rid of things which have been hanging around for a while, plus a couple of heavy garden waste bags, and finished writing my Christmas Cards.

We had a couple of short showers during the morning and then a couple of hailstorms followed by steady rain in the afternoon. In the evening, we went to a candlelit carol concert at my wife's church, during which she sang with her choir, and my daughter did a reading. Mince pies and a cup of tea followed.

Now, it's clear outside, with an almost full moon, and looks like it could get pretty chilly by the morning.

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