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I'm not a fanatical football fan by any means, but I do enjoy the odd match on the telly. Tonight is Champions League night and Glasgow Rangers are currently being well out-played by Spain's Sevilla at a rather dreich Ibrox stadium (4 - 0 currently).

Rangers certainly seemed to have a cast iron claim for a penalty as Steven Naismith (pictured) went down in the first half. Liked the way Mrs Delphwynd's wee sculpture mirrors his disbelief at the spot kick not being awarded. Kind of glad of being a 'neutral' when these things happen.

Poor Stevie.

Euan was at his own football practice tonight too, which normally goes on until 7:30pm. As I headed back out to collect him from the Park, I found him rather pink and rather wet just down the street after making most of his own way home in the rain. Football practice finished at 7pm tonight (think there might be a few Rangers supporters on the coaching side) and he headed up the road on his own after what sounds like a pretty gruelling training session.

Poor Euan.

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