After breakfast a colleague of my better half called to ask about her computer. It wasn't connecting to the Internet any more and her ISP said there was nothing wrong with the line but it was probably the "modem" as they don't last a long time. We popped over after lunch to have a look as I didn't expect it to be the router as they are solid-state and don't go wrong on their own. I initially thought it as the filter that was at fault as they do go wrong, but instead it turned out to be the old problem of cable wasn't snug and the connection between the computer and router was poor. A good wiggle and all was well. I'll have a look to see if I can find a patch cable with better spring for them - which should solve the problem permanently.

Today's blip is a close-up of a network device at my home. It's not very colourful, which isn't so good for a blip, but means that my network is working as it's supposed to, which is good for me!

Now it's time for pizza, and I've even managed to catch up with my blip backlog!

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