The future

After a late breakfast we went for a bike ride before the weather broke. We had a nice ride, not too many annoying car drivers on the roads today - they must all be shopping. However, the local roads are in a terrible state, edges all churned up, covered in mud and branches, flooded in many places and riddled with potholes - which is a bit or a worry as we've not had any significant frost yet this winter...!

On our return it was a quick light lunch and today's blip before I pop over to see a friend and help him upgrade a computer for his mother. We're bringing it up to date and switching from one Linux distro to another related one, so that all his computers and families computers are all on the same thing.

Today's blip is some bulbs that have erupted already and are gearing up for spring. So far the winter here has been very mild and except for the past week, it's been very dry too. I just hope these plants don't get too far developed and then get clobbered with a heavy frost or snow fall...

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