By Houseonahill6

In the arms of an angel

This is my angel that I usually have at the top of my tree but seeing as I have a 'twig' this year she does not fit, well she does but she does nt look very comfortable so she is sitting on the mantel piece instead.
I bought her several years ago from a craft fair at the school that my boys went to. It was an event we looked forward to every year but has now stopped. Christmas trees are often decorated with an angel on the top to symbolize the importance of the angels who appeared high above Bethlehem to announce the birth of Christ. They were also used to scare away any evil spirits that might be lurking around !

The very first angels would have been made out of dough or straw. In the 1800s glassblowers in Germany had invented glass blown Christmas decorations and glass angels were seen to decorate trees.

It is also said that every time you hear a bell ring another angel gets their wings.

I really enjoyed from Strictly to one of my favourite songs.

Todays Yule Lad is Door sniffer. He is so easy to recognise as he has a massive nose. He loves the smells of Christmas especially cakes and a bread called lace or leaf bread. He would try hard to steal one or two !

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