Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Shaman Salmon

It was bright and sunny in Leavenworth this morning... then we drove home to Seattle over Steven’s Pass where it was cloudy and raining...(we were glad we made the decision to go another way on friday when it snowed so much there...) and Seattle is at it’s grey misty foggy soggy best. Oh well, we loved our perfect break. But this blip is from the snowy Sleeping Lady mountain resort. It’s a wonderful place, combining the beautiful outdoors with art and music venues, nice guest spaces and meeting facilities, ....and healthy cuisine (served buffet style - perfect for this family- something for everyone!) There is a lot of art woven into the resort - all about nature.

Here is an aluminum sculpture by Richard Beyer who says that “Shaman Salmon, depicting humanity captured by the magic of nature” is his personal favorite. Fiona (for scale..) is contemplating what’s going on… her pjs. No one wanted to leave- we had such a good time!

I've back blipped yesterday, our 50th anniversary! Now we're done with anniversary celebrations..maybe until 60?

Edit: HERE is a set of snow/family photos from our lovely weekend...

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