The Rubberiest Hobo...

He's got his bags packed. Itinerary sorted. Tickets and passport safely stashed. He passed, on the jabs on account of boyancy but without giving too much away, he doesn't really need them anyway.

This is him just sorting out his reading material for his journey to his next host. If he's looking slightly perplexed, it's because the book was sold to him as a world domination manual. He thought he could pick up some tips on taking over the planet.

Might just have to settle to travelling round it!


Bucky the Ducky is on a mission to travel the world 1 Blip journal at a time. If you'd like him to visit you, please just send your address details to buckytheducky[at]googlemail[dot]com and he'll add you to his list of destinations. You can see the rest of his travels by entering the word BuckyBlip into the BlipSearch.

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