BethaBlip 34...

This is my monthly track of my children as they grow to see how they change as time goes by. I take the same photo in the same place each 1st and 15th of each month along with a wee diary of what has happened and how life has progressed for each of them. Bethany on the 1st and Ewan on the 15th. It is quite remarkable and is accentuated by the 1 year ago thumbnail down in the bottom right.

Well this month Bethany caught the pox. Yep, she was not more than 3 weeks in nursery and she caught chicken pox. It's been chicken pox sandwiched inside a serving chest infection and an ear and throat infection. I must say that she pulled off the chicken pox with amazing ease. On the very rare occasions we found her scratching, it took just a gentle word and she would leave alone. Didn't get a ridiculous amount of spots but certainly think she got it easy. She had a week and a half off nursery, so that's her back today.

Anyone noticed a re-addition to the BethaBlip. No, not the orange one, more on him later. No, the creepy stool. I thought it a shame that it wasn't needed after I went stand up portrait style so I decided to put it back in as a bit of background and constant detail. It shall remain there thus.

ou can check out the rest of this series and see her progress by entering the words tagged BethaBlip into the Blip Search facility.


Okay, the duck. For those not familiar. This is Bucky. Bucky is on a mission to travel the world one blip journal at a time. He has been all over the globe, visiting some kind hearted blippers who've shown him around their little sections of the planet. He is due to head of on another adventure tomorrow but if you'd like to see where he's been, just type BuckyBlip into the Blip search tool.

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