Buddy Yamaha

By richie_rollover

Blast from the past

It's been years since I used to buy th eNME regularly. To be honest I never visualised mysely buying it again, but I'm nothing if I'm not a sucker for a good freebie, and, as far as I'm concerned, this is a great freebie. I love the White Stripes and I love adding to my vinyl collection. I haven't listened to it yet as my record player isn't actually set up right now as a result of a blip a while back. I'll be setting it up again before the day is out now, that's for sure.

as for the NME I'd forgotten just what a dreadful magazine it was. I read it from the age of about fifteen until I was about seventeen, at which point I kind of grew out of it. Also getting more and more into Techno the reviews and gig listings stopped being of any use to me. But even at the age of eighteen I'd realised that, as music journalism went, it was pretty dreadful. Fifteen years on and not much has changed unfortunately.

sorry about the funny angle by the way, but I wanted the light to catch the etching on the flip side of the free single.

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