It's Late... Light is low... What to blip?

I scrambled around the neighborhood. Almost blipped a neighbor's blow up Seahawks player. But no. Tried a photo of Arvin reading the paper at our dining room table. Nope. Took some of the lights in our window that end up wrapped around a ceramic cat. Hmmm. Getting warmer. Let's see what we can do with Photoshop. That does it! Used Nik's Viveza to heighten the detail and bring more light to the face of the cat sculpture. (It's around 14 inches tall by the way.) Then used the Cutout filter to turn it into this.

We spent the afternoon shopping, getting ready for our New Year's Eve party for Arvin's 85th birthday. (The whole world celebrates on his birthday.) We spent far too much at Costco to buy food and some booze too. And then off to Haggens for the last bits. I was surprised how few shoppers there were at Costco. Usually on a Sunday it is wall to wall people, many from B.C. Canada coming down to get the great bargains here. Costco actually built a separate dairy room just for them and they load up the large flats with gallons of milk because it is half price here compared to Canada. Today it was mellow and I was thankful.

Tomorrow Arvin and I get our hair done and Raven, the wonderful friend who does our gardening, is going to clean our house. She does this once in a while and we really appreciate it because she has difficulties with cat dander and we have lots and lots of that. She is a true friend.

The party will begin at 3:00 on Tuesday and go until after midnight. It's a pot luck so bring food if you come. If you are a Bellinghamster and we know you, come on by. That goes for all the blippers who live here... you know who you are. We are in the phone book if you need to call for directions.

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