Mikki and Me

This is for you Hobbs! Here I am with Mikki who is my wonderful hairdresser. Arvin and I have been getting our hair cut by her for a long time, since before her eight year old twins were born. We even used to go to her house for our haircuts when the twins were little. About two years ago, my wonderful niece Jennifer, who has her own hair salon in Las Vegas, gave me my first color and curly hair cut. I was transformed and I loved the look. So Jennifer sent all the info to Mikki so she could continue and here I am, still with red hair that I love instead of white hair that I didn't. Well, I liked it actually, but I didn't like it when people thought I was my seven year younger sister-in-law's mother!!! Ouch. So I was telling Hobbs all about this here on Blip and decided today as Mikki was applying color, that I'd take a photo of us in the mirror. I fiddled in my little camera and here is the large version of the result. If you want to know what this photo looks like without the in camera filter, look here on my Blipfolio.

Today Raven is here cleaning. We are getting ready for the party tomorrow. All is good.

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