The Pixies

We headed through to the SECC tonight to see the Pixies. We managed to get a lift through as three other firends were going. What an amazing night. The Pixies are still up there with my best live acts of all time along with Tom waits and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

I did make a slight mistake however. I decided to push my way down to the fornt for the first couple of numbers. The plan was to head back after a few songs but by the time Wave of Mutilation came on I had no chance. The only option was to keep going forward so at least I was within reach of the cups of water the stewards were handing out. All the folk I was with said I looked fairly happy when my face made it onto the big screen at the back of the stage though, although I can't say I noticed that myself.

I'm feeling like I've been well and truly battered now. I'll have some interesting bruises tomorrow.

The gig was meant to be the Doolittle album and it's related B Sides, but the band were clearly having a great time and ended up doing loads of other material too, finishing up with a barrage including Nimrod's Son, Broken face and Where is my mind.

Sons and Daughters were supporting them too and they were, as ever, cracking live.

I'm away to bed now to try and rest all my sore bits.

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