New Years Eve in the Tiki Hut

The other day I made a delicious, easy to make skillet veggie lasagna, plus homemade bread. Our temporary garage kitchen is pretty well appointed and so helpful to have during the renovation. We wanted to share everything with Dave & Helen Lucas who live across the river, but soon realized we had no place for everyone to sit right now and you couldn't even walk on half of the newly tiled floor! So we brought dinner over to them via boat on New Year's Eve! Steven made a delicious salad and we all enjoyed everything alfresco in the Tiki Hut. Being there is as lovely as it looks, if you like rustic. I was drinking water with lime, but as you might be able to see, Steven and Helen are enjoying a fine boxed wine!! We are definitely living the high life, and yes, I am serious.
Happy NEW year!

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