By Doremigirl

Colder than Alaska!


It snowed last night about 7 inches! The snowfall helped some children (and teachers/parents) to stay home and enjoy a long weekend.

But that wasn't enough. The temperatures dropped so low and now we're experiencing one of the coldest winter nights in 20 years!

Right now, in Juneau, Alaska, it's 27 F degrees warmer than here.

So while I took a short stroll around our back to take today's picture, I thought about Cathaber's Sound Illustration Challenge about winter songs. Thanks for a great challenge!

Well, let's just say the music teacher in me just started listening to so many winter songs that I made a Spotify playlist :-)

Because I'm a blip newbie, I can't hyperlink anything here. I've embedded a playlist on my blog (

I started the playlist with Lauridsen's Mid-Winter Song (choral selection), but others are mixed genres. Some of my new faves from this playlist are Winter Weather, Winter Wren, Winter Peace, and Sun in the Winter (dance mix).

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