Red Sempervivum

Another Sempervivum, this time all red. It is related to the red-tipped one I blipped a few days ago.This one makes a good contrast in the garden. Most of the day was overcast and flat, but the sun came out late afternoon.

I went to a Farmer's Market. At first I saw only two stalls, but then I noticed another against a high fence, and then another. It was a game of hunt the market stalls as stallholders avoided the gusty nor'wester by tucking themselves into sheltered corners. I bought some free range eggs, a couple of red zinnias, a wild strawberry plant and 250 grams of fresh cherries. The cherries are wonderful- plump and almost black. When I bit into one the claret coloured juice squirted out.

I saw the waxeyes today. At this time of year they keep well out of sight, but I hear them. The couple have at least two chicks. They looked so cute with their ginger heads, pollen from the flax flowers.

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