Next Month's Bog Roll

The TV listings magazine was always a good indicator of the daily grind returning after Christmas. Highlighter pen marked with everyone's 'must-sees'* in the run up to when everything kicked off, and thumbed expectantly through towards the Christmas themed margins and holly-leaved folios of Christmas and Boxing Day, then the in-between twilight zone with some flashes of colour, before the more muted graphics around New Year appeared to take us into the new year. Then, as the wire stitches begin to give way and it all starts to fall apart and look worse for wear, the listings return to normal with the usual daytime telly and regular news bulletins slotted back in their place. Now that it's run its time it's off to the recycling bin to be transformed into something most likely less appealing but functional. Kind of analogous to what we've all been through the past fortnight. Even the Raymond Biggs' Santa and snowmen were looking pretty miserable by today.

Quick indoor blip today after a whirlwind of NHS24, deathly quiet out-of-hours doctor's surgeries and mad dashes to pharmacies for some heavier duty antibiotics for the poor Mrs DWD. What some folk'll do to stretch out their winter holidays...

*There wasn't a lot of highlighting going on.

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