And alcohol

This morning in the park at 9.30 I saw a man tidily clearing beer cans off the grass and putting them in the bin. I thought I heard him say something to me so I turned. As he came closer I realised the beer cans were his and he'd been talking to himself. But he did start talking to me. Like most people, he's had some tough things to deal with in his life. Also like most people, he's found alcohol obliterates some of the distress. Like fewer people, alcohol has taken a hold. Two weeks ago he was in the family home with his children. Now he's sleeping rough and thinks he's reached the bottom. I hope he gets to some of the support services in Oxford before he discovers he hasn't, yet.

That was probably why my camera spotted this quite different image this evening when we were out celebrating a family birthday.

I'm in a comment-time desert again. Sorry.

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