Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

One Street dude

I scooted up behind this fellow and his buddy on my way home from errands this afternoon. He thanked me for letting them know I was passing them, and I was struck by not only his bold outfit and beard, but his demeanor too. He was so friendly and sincere. I asked what they were doing on Hawthorne today (One Street) and he said he was just getting groceries. I'd expected him to say they were going to a bar or playing music at the local heavy metal venue.

His jacket was compelling from the back too, with skeletal imagery and the word PIRATE. I particularly love his beard and those amazing gloves.

I like this photo in black and white, but wanted to show the flame on his jacket sleeve.

It's clear and cold here today, but nothing like the cold people are enduring in other parts of the country. Thinking of friends stranded in Chicago for days trying to get home. Have courage!

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