'Three Roos & A Joey'

Can you see one trying to hide behind the tree?

Spotted this mob on my evening walk out around the back paddock.

First day back at work for the new year, the worst part was having to get up at 5am once again after sleeping in till between 7 & 8 most mornings during the holidays.

We've booked a camping site this weekend down the Great Ocean Road once again to give ourselves a little time away from home before MsMun returns to work next week. I'm taking Friday off so we can get away early, so only 3 more days in the office this week.

Took some fun shots of Bella bouncing on the trampoline after returning from my walk too, but thought this not so little joey was just too cute.

Glad everyone enjoyed the link to the little video of the piggies moving in yesterday, the girls now have a new bed thanks to MsMun's handy work today.

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