Curzon Street Cemetery

I planned to exploit the drab lack of any colour today by changing my camera settings to black and white. I have occasionally worked in monochrome before, but generally by post processing a colour image, apart from once on a compact. If shooting in RAW the image will still be in colour but the preview image in Live View will be in black and white, whilst in JPEG the camera will save only the black and white image. I chose to shoot in JPEG, but I did take a second camera just in case. The idea of the Live View is to give the photographer a chance to assess tones and greyscale without the distraction of colour. I found it a struggle to use this as I am far more comfortable composing through an optical viewfinder, which obviously still gave a colour image.

I took the camera over the road to the cemetery at about 1615 hr and spent a quarter of an hour or so experimenting. There wasn't much colour to be had anyhow, but I did use the K50 to take a telephone engineer working on a pole from a red crane.


Blip #1144
Consecutive Blip #006
Day #1383

Lens: 17-70 mm

Black and White and Sepia series
Curzon St Cemetery series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Roy Harper - Highgate Cemetary (1967)
From the album Come Out Fighting Genghis Smith. The atmospheric effect on this vocal was produced by Harper singing into the sound hole of a classical guitar. I saw him perform this in concert on several occasions in the sixties and you could always hear a pin drop.

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