Occasionally Focused

By tsuken


This mural (only about half seen here) rather enlivens this otherwise dreary bit of wall along the railway and opposite the community health centre.

I think this takette 28mm likes f/5.6 better than f/8. More experimentation is needed of course, but so far today, at f/5.6 and ISO 400 because mist and overcast, things seem clearer, better focused, and sharper than at f/8 yesterday in the sun at ISO 100.

That said, in this photo, the focus doesn't really seem to last the distance, as it were.

- as you might be able to see.

I tried Photoshop Touch. Don't ask me why; foolish mistake, trap for young players... Anyway, OMG it has The Worst interface in the history of hinky interfaces. Also, unless you're wanting to "enhance" your photo by adding a block of cheese and a Martian doing a jig (or something); if you just want to do some decent subtle post-processing to bring out your photos' goodness, then it's of seriously limited use. On iOS much much muuuuuuch better are Photogene and Filterstorm, or more "preset-based" Snapseed and Camerabag2. Pleh.

And that said, after a tutu with a photo up the street, going B&W then messing with the green and blue levels, I got a really nice B&W... One that I haven't yet been able to replicate with my other apps. I'm close, but not there yet. Still doesn't make up for the shite interface though.

Forgot yesterday: a patient, after an interview, said to me "you look like a pretty young student" ... They were a bit taken aback when I responded "older than you". xP

For clarity's sake: .... "Pretty" as in *rather*, I'm pretty (as in rather) sure. ;-)

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