The Ice Man Cometh

Again, this is a morning-after back blip. We lost cable and, hence, Internet service at home last night due to the cold weather and a resultant disruption (pipe burst) in one of the underground substations down the line. My inability to post the image was no big deal but the outage did mean that I missed the broadcast of the national championship college football game (not the round-ball type but the ellipse type). Oh well, I did make it to be earlier than normal.

I snapped this image on my One Street and on way to the gym. I refused to use the cities enclosed and heated skyway system between buildings so that I could see how many people were willing to brave the -49F wind chill. Over the course of six blocks, I crossed paths with five individuals, one of who was Mark. He took the frostbite warnings about as far as one can take them using attire normally seen on a mountain in a downtown setting. Then again, he said his walk from home to work was two miles and I loved the fact that is ear-muffs were studio quality headphones..

I hope you all are well and warm. It is -14F here this morning but the terrible gusts have died down, Yet, school was canceled again giving the girls 16 days of break.

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