The Days End

backblip. see the far off mountains

What a magnificent day we have had and 576 images later!! Shared with Katey, Chrissybelle and (hopefully) new blipper Norma. Doug was the driver, thanks hon:)

We left early to travel to Fox Peak Ski field, (being summer there is no snow) mainly to photograph the alpine white celmisia(which were prolific and magnificent) but I've chosen this image I took at the end of the day (about 9.30pm) just before we headed home. Fox Peak 2331 metres. The colours are coming from smoke from a 30metre front fire on Moturiki Island, Lake Tekapo. Nasty.

In comparison, here is the early morning alternative

I will endeavor during today (Sunday) to sort a few out and give a link to my blog - we did much varied photography Mountain climbing tramping for miles (well it seemed like it!!!); misty and sunny landscapes, macro of alpine treasures, water movement, people (us) and much more. We ended a fantastic day enjoying drinks outside looking out at the mountains piercing through the clouds *sigh*, then indoors to enjoy a magnificent meal cooked on the old cold range is this quaint mountain batch (hut, crib etc) depending where you come from. One of the blokes sat at the piano to tickle the ivory's for a while, much laughter, good wine (maybe those two should be around the other way) and good company.....friendships - priceless!!

Not home until almost midnight, hence no blipping :)


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