Marjorie's ramblings

By walkingMarj

"What's the problem, Mr Bear?"

"All you have to do is jump through these hoops and you will see a doctor."
("Maybe not the best one for your problem, but A doctor."

"What's that? Speak up there! You don't think you can jump? Come on Mr Bear, a hop and a skip will do it."

Dont' read on if you would prefer to avoid the rant!

I've had a frustrating day trying to contact the hospital doctor who saw me 10 days ago about the Giardia. I am not any better, have finished treatment, and this is dragging on too long for my liking.

I won't bore you with all the details, but I started on the phone at 9am and finally spoke to the doc at 5.15pm. In the meantime I didn't know if anyone had passed on my message(s). The switchboard repeatedly tried to connect me to different numbers, but when no one replied they did not pick up the call again. Each time I had to 'phone in again. The first receptionist was lovely and I'm sure she tried for me. When I tried again this afternoon, the second receptionist was inclined to fob me off.

I was emotionally exhausted by the end - and remember, I know how to work the system. Pity the poor souls who don't. They would not get past first base.

The result is good. I will see a consultant (perhaps) on Friday. Not the one who specialises in travel illnesses because he wasn't on call last week. Oh the vagaries of my adored NHS in my favourite hospital.

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