By samsticks

Executive Chair

After another hot night, we were up early (4:30) to set off for the airport for our flights to Auckland.

Everything went to plan, and Miles had an amazing 2 hour nap on the flight, meaning that both Gina and I could make the most of life, have breakfast and watch "Blue Jasmine". I didn't know anything about the latter other than that Cate Blanchett was supposed to be good in it and that it was a Woody Allen flick.

It was really, really good, and I encourage anyone with a penchant for films about human interaction and mental health to watch it. It was just light enough, with a much deeper undertow throughout. Very enjoyable.

Nanna Sue (my mother in law) picked us up from the airport and was understandably excited to see Miles (as was Grandad Jerry).

They'd picked up a new seat for Miles from an op-shop. As you can see, The Little Goblin loved it!

It's so nice to be out of Melbourne's crazy heat!

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