By SugarSheds1

An Alternative View

Absent Voices artist, Al Carlisle, took this picture of the Sugar Sheds.
It shows an alternative view to yesterday's picture - looking out from the shed doors.
The Absent Voices artists are busy organising events to tie in with the business of telling the creative story of the once-mighty sugar industry.
There's another drawing tour of the sheds on the calendar now for 11am on Saturday, January 25th.
One of the main drivers behind Absent Voices is Alec Galloway now Blipping as Glassman, and he is on the case with scheduling glass making workshops - using glass salvaged from shipyard skips.
Basically, watch this space as there's LOADS of things coming up.
There was a great story in today's Greenock Telegraph about 100-year-old Bertie Hutchison, who puts the secret of his longevity down to no drinking and no smoking. It turns out Mr Hutchison also worked in the sugar sheds.
The Absent Voices artists are hoping to interview him about his experiences working in the sugar industry.
Read the story in the Telegraph HERE.

Another newsy post-script... BBC Scotland music man Vic Galloway has selected Absent Voices artists' Al Carlisle and Ryan King's band, The Alphabetical Orchestra, as one of the bands to watch in 2014.

Here's Vic's list here (in alphabetical order, of course!)
Vic Galloway's list of bands to watch in 2014

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