By pose

I got a text from Irisz at 5.36 asking if I was planning on coming in today... Damn it! I was doing so well and then I went and over slept. 'Over'. I got to work in 10 mins so it was fine.
I left on time today, did a bit of shopping then had lunch and a nap. I thought I would just pop in to town before the shops shut to see if my photos were done. I got to Boots and the lady was like "oh looks like they sent it back saying they couldn't do it". Man was I annoyed. No-one seems to understand it's a black and white film that is colour process, stupid Boots. She then brightly told me Southampton Boots can do it even though 2 people had bluntly told me they couldn't a week ago when I went. I was so annoyed I stormed to the station, jumped on a train and stormed to Boots in Southampton. Luckily the lady was super friendly so I didn't have a go at her. I just got there in enough time to get it done in an hour. I went to a few shops, tried some sick shoes on in Urban Outfitters, bare expense though. Picked up the photos, trained home, walked back to collect the car and got home at 8. I was only planning to pop out for half hour.

So now I eventually have my film back I have just spent the last few hours back blipping. Sheesh. Have a gander.

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