Desperately seeking

By clickychick


We were so willing to be out on the streets of Penrith today! The local council has suggested cutting down our fire engines from 2 to 1.

Now, keeping in mind that we are quite a big town with a large radius of Cumbrian villages reliant on the services, as well as the M6 and west coast railway passing by the town, we just don't feel we will be safe if we only have one fire engine based in the town. Also. we have a growing community. Many new flats have been built last year = many more toasters, deep-fat fryers, ovens and electric heaters.

At the moment we have crew during the daytime, but in the evening we rely on retained firemen being willing to turn out.

On the lighter side, I met, on Wednesday, the mother of one of my Guides. I hadn't seen her for nearly 30 years. I met her again as we gathered for the march. She ended up on my blip!

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