Wolf Moon Rising

I mentioned a moon blip or two ago that every month's full moon has a name, according to the Farmers' Almanac and ancient Native American lore. January's full moon is called the Full Wolf Moon because during this time of year, the wolves howled hungrily around the villages.

Saturday evening found me once again on the top front porch step, sitting watching the moon rise. In fact, this very photo was my first glimpse of the moon on this night. I watched it rise and disappear, and then reappear and disappear. The moon is no longer quite full, but it is still an impressive sight, well worth watching.

I wanted a song by the famous blues artist Howlin' Wolf (Chester Arthur Burnett) to go with this Wolf Moon, and here it is. The moon seemed to me to be smiling on this evening (which you can't see in this photo, but in the later shots, the grin is perfectly clear). And why wouldn't the moon be smiling, sitting on top of the world? The song: Howlin' Wolf, Sittin' on Top of the World.

I'm throwing in a bonus track or two here, as they're worth a listen and a look. Here is Howlin' Wolf's recording of Back Door Man, a song written by Willie Dixon, that Howlin' Wolf first recorded long about 1961. (Note that I tend to be a Top Step Gal, myself.) The Doors released their own version of the song a number of years later, and it's interesting to compare the two versions side by side.

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