Lumbutts Mill

Walking around Lumbutts today - lovely and sunny, but still a little chilly.
This is a view of Stoodley Pike (on the skyline) and Lumbutts Mill (or what remains of it).
In fact it is only the water wheel tower, the chimney and the mill manager's house that remains.
This water wheel tower was built between 1828 and 1830 for the Fielden Brothers of Todmorden. The tower, which is 98 ft high, housed three water wheels, one above the other. Each of these overshot wheels was 30’ in diameter and 6 ft wide.
Four dams were built above the mill to supply the wheels via a piped siphon system.
The water was reused from wheel to wheel and using the full supply of 18 tons of water per minute this produced a maximum of 53 horsepower.
No coal, no steam, no electricity - very eco friendly.
Nothing remains inside the tower which is something of a shame :-(

There's an old view c.1950 here.

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