Tess's Azalea

The back garden is so big and empty today and the veranda, where Tess's bed once lay with her on it are both gone. And my mind has gone to mush. Even as I dressed myself this morning, I thought, "the last time I wore these clothes, Tess was still with us". I know, it's pathetic, and I have sewing to do for children who start back at school next week. What will the children wear to school if I don't pull my finger out and get sewing?

I know this mopey feeling will pass. It's just all so new right now, not having her around...

Yesterday we went looking for a plant to mark her grave and found a very pretty Azalea. Her grave is in a shady area, not far from two frangipani trees, so it will be a very lovely area when the garden there is completed.

We had afternoon tea and also dinner with my mother-in-law, Irene, for her birthday yesterday, which was a wonderful distraction from the previous day's events. She's such a sweetie, she told me she hadn't expected any birthday celebrations this year, all things considered. She was the one doing us the favour though, by helping her celebrate something, rather than us grieving all day.

Thank you a million times over for all of the messages that have been sent to us through blipfoto, Facebook and my blog. It is incredibly heartwarming when people are so kind and thoughtful at times like these and it really does help, when those few words of sympathy are spoken. xxx

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