What a beautiful day. Crisp and cold, ice on the pond first thing and frost in the grass but the sun shone and it warmed up and I spent a good four hours in the garden.
spread potash around the roots of the soft fruit bushes and gave the fig a bit of a boost
cleared around the burgeoning daffoldils and bluebells
hacked back yet more brambles
started clearing a bed swamped with meadowsweet and bracken
scythed away a whole area of dead nettles
Enough. I then went into Jim's to see how much I owed him for the car service.He had no idea and wasn't duly bothered. I'm to call back later. Business is done in a very relaxed fashion here. On my way home I stopped off at this little place. There's something very appealing about it but I have a slightly sneaky suspicion that it's occupied - if you look to the right there's something hanging on the washing line. I didn't linger. That blue, with the pink underneath - very popular colour scheme. Last time I ventured here I got a bit closer.

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