By Veronica

Learn to love your pylons

... said ceridwen the other day. And I do -- I preferred this to a photo of a rainbow. Admittedly I only managed to catch the tail end of the rainbow's appearance and didn't have time to get into a good position before it disappeared. Clouds and brief showers of rain were tumbling across the sky, sometimes obscuring the sun, sometimes revealing it. I love the mixture of cloud we get -- if I'd turned round 180 degrees from here I'd have had blue sky with streaks of cirrus and fast-moving cumulus.

The low silvery trees at bottom left are young olive trees. I like the way they are set off by the dark fringe of pines behind them. And the way the pylon glows white in the sunlight.

FACT: from one point in the village, you can see ten and a half pylons.

Update: ceridwen pointed me towards Pylon of the Month. If you have any interest in pylons, you have to see this :)

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