Of rich and royal hue..

By mintlawquine

Pamper time

A wee treat for me today at the local beauty salon where I was treated to a relaxing upper back and shoulders massage by the lovely Michelle. She left my lower back well alone after my wee mishap a couple of weeks ago. This is the middle of my second week off work, and I think the enforced rest has done me good. The aches and pains are subsiding daily, and I'm fairly certain that I will be back at work next week. I hope so! As for hubby that's a different story. He also had a massage today, but of the Swedish deep therapeutic variety, which he has found helpful with earlier back problems. He's due to see the doctor again tomorrow, and I suspect his period of sick leave will be continued. It will be another three weeks before the results of his x-Ray come through and we will know for definite what we suspect needs done. On a brighter note I booked up dinner, bed and breakfast for two to celebrate our ruby wedding at the end of December at one of the best restaurants in the Lake District if not the country. Nice!

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