horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Mind the Gap

Taken on platform 2 at Waverley Station, waiting for the already-five-minutes-late train. Now sat on the train, enjoying the free wi-fi (woo hoo!) listening to the iPod and thinking about getting some writing done. Although I've realised I'm in the wrong carriage and wound up in the noisiest one... Hence the iPod.

Good night last night meeting the telly person. Let's just say there are things to work on, and I'm just happy that there wasn't an immediate knockback.

Watch this space.

Right, I've been accused recenty of getting a bit miserable, so nowt but shiny happy stuff today. Which includes Nick Griffin getting a kicking, finding a book in Waterstones in which there's a photo by me (which won me a competition, rather than being paid for it), and not getting a puncture on the way home. Woo hoo!

By about 11.30pm tonight I'll be in Aberdeen, so tomorrow will likely be a wander around some old haunts and pictures to join up.

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