My grandpuppy Bella came for another visit today, so we went out into the back garden for a little while this morning.

With the weather being so much cooler today than it has been, the birds have a new lease on life and were twittering in the trees all around us. I could hear a particular bird noise, looked everywhere (or so I thought!) until I finally spotted two pink and grey Galahs, abseiling on the trunk of one of next doors tall palm trees.

Some peeling fibres on the trunk had their interest, and they had mine. They looked so funny when they lost their footing and flapped around in an effort to regain their composure.

We don't often see Galahs near our garden, so this was a treat today.

In other news, Miss Tibbs seems to want to make friends with Bella. Bella, on the other hand, is very wary of Miss Tibbs and is taking a wide berth every time she needs to walk past her! I'm hoping a friendship between these two is possible, they are both very gentle souls.

And Bella is having a sleep-over here tonight!

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